Area size of London covered in opium

Brown prods other NATO nations to send more troops to protect the oil pipelines and drug running lines in Afghanistan. A recent UN report said that the total land area devoted to poppy cultivation is 2,000 square km. That’s larger than the area of greater London (1,600 sq km, 7 million people) or half the size of the state of Rhode Island (4,000 sq km). Most of the opium poppies are growing in the Helmand Province, where the British troops are based. In an age where weapons can be targeted to take out an angel dancing on a pin head, why are 2,000 sq km of poppies allowed to grow? The Karzai government, which barely rules Kabul, has perhaps neither the will nor the ability to eradicate the poppy fields. The big money involved in the drug industry has to be controlled by someone and who would be surprised if some of that money was being used to fund black ops by the CIA shadow government. Remember the Iran-Contra affair? Also the same UN report estimates that a large chunk of the heroin ends up in the veins to Afghani and Iranian addicts, thereby destabilising these countries further, and making the latter ripe for conquest.

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