De Menezes coroner rules out unlawful verdict

“I so direct you the jury to consider how economical the police were in shooting Mr De Menezes only seven times in the head, saving the taxpayer the burden of extra spent rounds.

The fact that 17 passengers on the tube train did not hear the police shout any warnings, should not mislead you into thinking the police did not shout. When people are absorbed in reading a particularly stimulating novel it is easy to miss the shout of ‘STOP, ARMED POLICE!’

Even if the police officers had not shouted a warning, that would not constitute an unlawful killing. A verdict of unlawful killing could only be allowed if you were in a free society where you could decide that a specific officer had committed murder or manslaughter.

I would like to remind you that British police are still the best in the world at carrying out awfully lawful killings and cover ups and to think otherwise will soon be illegal.”

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