The following comments made by a well known statesman were overheard by me recently. Of course, I can’t say who it is, but I can tell you what he said…

The main thing to ensure is that our children end up achieving the very best outcomes in their education. We can’t educate everyone to think. What would be the use in that? The lucky ten percent who are perfectly capable of thinking for the rest, will receive a full education, mainly courtesy of public schools. They will be taught how to think critically; to make choices for themselves. The masses will be told that all chances are on offer to them. They will be put into factory schools, en masse, swamped by problems, and vast resources will be channelled into dealing with ‘problem’ behaviour. I call it sheducation. The brightest soon become frustrated by the slow pace of teaching as all abilities are levelled. So when the children fail, and they will, it will be their fault. They must believe they were masters of their own destiny. They’ve had their chance and now the time has come for them to embrace a life of willing servility to the system. I told you a wise man once said that ‘schooled ignorance was more useful than unschooled stupidity’.

Then, once they have internalised feelings of inferiority, they have become the perfect consumer. Always inadequate, never complete, needing to buy something at all times. Only consumption offers relief. In the adult even the purchase of a weekly lottery ticket will be enough to provide a dose of hope that will keep the body going and the mind numbed.

But the trick of it is, the indoctrinated will thank you. In a state of docile cooperation they are freed of the burden of having to think for themselves. Life for them is reduced to series of tasks. Varied repetition and delayed gratification ensure that they continue to work. They are trained to seek out novelty so that the market can never dry up for lack of consumer appetite.

Above all, they must live in fear. Fear of losing what little they’ve got. Fear of the outsider. Fear whipped up by manufactured domestic or foreign crises. We control fear by penalising individuality; opinions and behaviours that may offend or be different. You have to go along to get along.

Our great task is to eradicate the unpredictable. The last vestiges of free will. For the good of society, you understand – as free will cannot be managed. If

left unchecked it will override the systems in place for the stability of society. Those great individual forces of history that caused so much upheaval cannot be allowed to happen again.

Imagine, a whole population that says ‘I know what I believe, but I’ve no idea how I came to believe it.’ It comes about through behavioural conditioning. Remember your Pavlov? Bells and whistles, dear boy, bells and whistles, work for dogs as well as man.”

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