Mumbai terror attack, Hindi speaking terrorists and the mysterious death of Hemant Karkare

Today’s interview in the Indian Express newspaper with an eyewitness survivor of the Mumbai shootings throws a spanner in to the works of the official story that the suspected militants killed in the attacks were all from Pakistan:

“56-year-old Harishchandra Shrivardhankar can clearly recall his attacker (at Cama hospital). He described the terrorist as a fair skinned, 5.5 to 6 feet-tall person speaking in Hindi. The terrorist, says Shrivardhankar, was dressed in a pathani style off-white or cream-coloured kutra and pyjama.” (Pathani kurta is a type of Hindu suit.)

Let’s hope Mr Shrivardhankar recovers from his wounds and is able to identify that person.

This is against the backdrop of the mysterious shooting of Hemant Karkare, head of the Anti Terror Squad, who had uncovered and arrested Hindu extremists behind previous terror attacks.

Eyewitness to the shooting of Karkare was injured Constable Arun Jadhav who was traveling in the same vehicle. Again Indian Express reported:

“Karkare, encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar and Additional Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte, who were all travelling in the same vehicle, were shot dead along with three constables by the terrorists.

The top officers were on way to Cama Hospital, just a 10-minute drive from CST station, to check on another injured officer Sadanand Date.

“Five minutes later, two persons carrying AK-47 rifles emerged from behind a tree and started firing at our vehicle,” said Jadhav, who was hit by two bullets in his right arm and is recuperating in the Bombay Hospital.

Very accurate and effective shooting by two gunmen, killing six police – presumably armed and wearing body armor, before driving off in the shot up vehicle. Further, Karkare was shot with three bullets in his chest. “He wore a bullet-proof jacket before going in but the bullets got him anyway,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Amar Jadhav.

Quite… Why might some have wanted to get rid of Karkare and other senior ATS officers? A reporter from Indian Express spoke to Karkare 36 hours before he was killed:

“The ATS believed it had cracked the September 29 Malegaon bomb blast case, and about a month ago arrested Hindu extremists in a breakthrough that shocked the nation and added a new twist to the entire discourse on Terror and religion.

The previous evening, hours after our meeting, TV channels had ‘breaking news’ that he had received a fresh death threat from some unidentified caller, apparently in connection with the Malegaon probe. An Indian Express reporter SMSed him asking him if this was true or if he had anything to say. His reply: just a smiley.”

This effective decapitation of the Indian Anti Terror Squad may explain how five teams of two shooters went on a 72-hour killing spree killing so many innocents.

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