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Golliwogs and victims

February 7, 2009

Golliwog has now officially been purged from the latest Newspeak dictionary. Black people now are ungolliwog. It will now be very polite to call all those of colour doubleplusungolliwog.

Carol Thatcher came to prominence as the winning victim in the TV series ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’. A show where vague celebrities humiliate themselves in order that one may boost a flagging career. But the winning victim is built up, only to be taken down. The row over her use of the word golliwog to describe a black footballer is not about causing offence, but everything to do with increasing the fear of opening your mouth lest you say something politically incorrect. We are not to know what is offensive or not. We must let the media decide and reason for us.
Like dogs in electrified cages who get a shock no matter where they jump, we give up trying to avoid the shocks. Our behaviour becomes withdrawn, pacified and controlled. Divide and rule practiced as groups are turned against each other, on their guard, wary of the differences that can only be spoken of in an acceptable manner. Any inappropriate use will be informed upon. Taboo words increase their power by their banning. The N word reigns supreme, king of the forbidden, with a totemic power to shock and appall.