Two laws, one result?

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One law makes it a criminal offence to disseminate, prepare or possess literary materials which appeal for the overthrow, subversion or weakening of the political and social system. The sentence ranges from 6 months up to 7 years imprisonment. This is article 58 of Section 10 of the Soviet Penal Code introduced in 1927 and used to fill the Gulag labour camps with millions of political dissidents.

Section 58 of the UK Terrorism Act 2000 states that a person commits an offence if he collects, possesses or makes a record (including taking photographs) of information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. The penalty is up to ten years in prison.

Our terror laws exist against a background where fear is being whipped up to a frenzied level, where people are actively urged to spy on one another, even to suspect your neighbour is a terrorist. The recent radio ad and poster campaign by the Metropolitan police has a photograph of families in a shopping street with a CCTV camera in the background. The words read: “A bomb won’t go off here because weeks before a shopper reported someone studying the CCTV cameras.” Another ad shows the bulging lid of a suburban wheelie bin brimming with plastic chemical containers: “These chemicals won’t be used in a bomb because a neighbour reported the dumped containers.”

The Soviet law was the key statute used to deal with anti-Soviet agitation. These laws allowed a quarter of the population of Lenningrad to be shipped to the Gulags. This prison system, described by Solzenhistyn in The Gulag Archipelago, was a network of labour camps spread throughout the Soviet Union. Most inmates were given ‘tenners’ or ten year sentences for their crimes. With many children imprisoned as well; the age of criminal responsibility was twelve . The Soviets went as far as convicting people for social parasitism, notably the future Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky who in 1962 was convicted for being nothing more than a poet.

Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000, enacted in the UK before the attacks of September 11th 2001, allows as a defence for a person to prove that he had a reasonable excuse for his action or possession. That is, if charged, once your trial comes round. The main difference rests on the interpretation of terrorism.

Shouldn’t we be worried when a democracy starts to be run by fear mongers who seek to intimidate? The next stage will be the arrest of people for failing to report or denounce someone the state has defined as a terrorist. If you don’t denounce a neighbour or colleague the suspicion will be directed towards you…

Collectively, we hope that the batch of anti terror laws now on the statute books will be interpreted reasonably. We hope that a Stalin, Mao or Hitler won’t come along and use them to repress people. But anti terror laws have been used to detain people reading out names of war dead at the cenotaph, walking on a cycle path or shouting ‘nonsense’ at Jack Straw.

Perhaps you can dismiss these actions as the result of over zealous cops misusing the law. But it shows you how quickly society could disintegrate if the law enforcers are given quotas for arrest and told to go out and do it just as they were in Russia. Look at the London G20 protests for an example of how easy it is for ordinary policemen to become storm troopers once they have been tooled up like Robocop and pointed towards the public who they think are ‘up for it’. Thankfully, they weren’t armed with Taser electroshock guns.

Fortunately, the recently revised Mental Health Act didn’t make it onto the books in a form that would have made if possible for the UK to emulate the Soviet’s use of ‘punitive psychiatry’. The Soviets used psychiatry as a weapon against hundreds of dissidents who were incarcerated and subjected to drug and electroshock therapies because they were diagnosed as suffering from ‘politically defined madness’ or ‘sluggishly progressing schizophrenia’ (“ideas about a struggle for truth and justice are formed by personalities with a paranoid structure”).

Recently, our government wanted to update the Mental Health Act to allow people to be detained against their will even if there was no evidence that treatment would be shown to benefit their condition. Fortunately, the House of Lords stopped the draft bill that would have used cultural or religious beliefs as grounds for diagnosing a mental disorder. So, at least the state cannot detain you in a mental institution because you have aberrant political beliefs.

It does leave the door open for drug companies to bring out a pill that treats ‘social opposition disorder’ making it easier to lock up dissidents once a convenient cure becomes available. (Imagine people like the psychotherapist Derek Draper queuing up to drug you into compliance.)

We all need to be very concerned about the laws in place when the definitions of terrorism seem to be getting ever more general. Incrementalism is very dangerous to freedom, as is being governed by surprise. One day you wake up and realise that the freedoms you thought you had aren’t enshrined in law any more.


Is this happening today?

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‘The conditions necessary to create a genocidal mind-set within any given population are a depressed economy, uneven distribution of wealth, the existence of an identifiable minority, the strong political ambition of an oppressor group, and impunity’ p195 The Secret Hunters, Ranulph Fiennes.

Virtual UK Budget

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Here is my UK budget.

Tax those earning more than £200,000 per year at 50%.

End occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, saving £4.5 Bn a year.

Scrap Trident nuclear weapon programme, saving £70 Bn.

Scrap ID cards, saving £9 Bn.

Pass the baton on the Olympics. Use the savings to properly regenerate East London.

The UK government will issue bonds using money generated by itself, not borrowed from the Bank of England which then has to be repaid with interest.

Public sector cuts: Abolish all political Special Advisors, saving £6 million per year.

Don’t re-inflate the housing market. Let average house prices come back into line with the hirstoric level of three times av. earnings.

It’s a start.

Some facts I found about autism and vaccines

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On one hand Measles, which in a 1st world country is unlikely to be fatal, on the other, the UK’s ridiculously full vaccine schedule – 25 vaccines in the first two years. You can turn your kid into a chemical cocktail full of aluminium, anti-freeze, aborted fetal tissue, chick embryo, to name but a few common vaccine ingredients. You can hope that the three live vaccine strains in the MMR don’t cause auto immune responses. It’s up to you.

Reliable figures show the increase of autism spectrum disorders in the UK rising from 1 in 500 in 1979 (Wing and Gould) to 1 in 110 in 2006 (Baird et al.). Autism in Scottish Schools is recorded in the Scottish Schools Census since 1998. It is the only systematic monitoring of numbers in the UK to date. This gives a rise over seven successive years after 1998 of 325%. The criteria for inclusion have not been changed during that time and it’s unlikely such a rise can be explained by better detection. In non vaccinated populations, such as the Amish, autism is extremely rare, but no funded study has been carried out. You might say because it is not in the interests of the lucrative vaccine industry.

25 Vaccines are given to UK children before the age of two. New vaccines added as recently as September 2006. (In US CDC mandates 73 injected vaccines by 18 mths.) The wider problem may be the number of vaccines now in the immunisation programme. Interactions between vaccines and chemicals in the body may cause autism.

To what extent is autism the result of parenting behaviours? Original autism diagnosis was blamed on ‘refrigerator mothers’. Childhood neglect and trauma may well cause autistic behaviour, but this cannot account for the rate of increase seen above. There are genetic factors to consider: “In 38% of families of autistic individuals, both parents manifested some social or cognitive impairments.” But Dr Boyd Haley counters ‘Autism was not a known, described illness until about 1941-3, 8 to 10 years after the introduction of thimerosal and similar organic thiol-mercury compounds in biological mixtures used in medicine and other areas.  This argues against autism being a genetic illness.’ (Boyd Haley, Professor of Chemistry, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY )

See ‘The Truth about Vaccines’ by Dr Richard Halvorsen for possible mechanisms of autistic development:

“A virus induced auto immune response to developing brain myelin may impair anatomical development of neural pathways in autistic children” “MMR was the first vaccine ever to introduced on a large scale containing more than one live virus. Live viruses will interact with each other… there are three possible methods by which MMR could be causing autism:

1.Direct invasion of the measles vaccine into the brain.

2.The MMR vaccine may cause an abnormal immune reaction in susceptible children. This may result in an auto immune reaction in which the body’s immune system attacks itslef, in this case the brain.

3.It’s possible that the measles virus invades the gut, where it causes inflammation , resulting in a ‘leaky’ gut. This results in the absorption of heroin-like (opoid) and other toxic substances that then travel into, and damage the brain.” (Halvorsen, p 190)

“MMR was introduced in the USA in 1979. After the mid 1980’s there was a sudden increase in children who were developing normally in the first year and a half of life and then suddenly became autistic”

Also we must consider the cost to society. ‘The children that have been damaged have had their lives ruined. They were previously completely healthy. They now have seventy or eighty years of mental handicap ahead.’ (Thrower, p 14) ‘Linking these rates to estimated costs of education and care for sufferers would give a figure of as high as £5 billion per year, ($8m), year after year. The Cambridge autism figures were described as “if anything an under-estimate”. They included only children with a definite clinical diagnosis. Any child who had only been “statemented” (= educational needs-assessed) as autistic, but not yet clinically diagnosed, was not counted.’ Univ of Camb. Study 2001. in Thrower (p.43) The annual cost to UK est. £1Bn by UK Mental Health Foundation 2000. (Ark p 38)

Is Ritalin the drug to cure the drug industry created problem? The numbers taking this amphetime drug have grown from 3,000 in 1993 to 220,000 in 2002. (Observer 2003)


• The Amish, a religious community of about 150,000 people in the eastern United States had only four autistic children when the incidence of autism was reviewed. The Amish, as part of their religious culture, do not believe in vaccination. • Given the national rate of autism, Olmsted calculated that there should be 130 autistics among the Amish and he found only four. • One child had been exposed to high levels of mercury from a power plant; of the other three Amish children diagnosed with autism, one was adopted from China, having had a full set of vaccinations, the other two were vaccinated in the U.S. (Ark)

‘If indeed autism is rare among the non-vaccinated Amish populations, as reported by Dan Olmstead, I find it an amazingly oversight that the CDC and others responsible for infant health do not fund a study in this area. … The study of non-vaccinated populations is a very obvious experiment that the CDC and its supporters appear to refuse to consider.  This makes me suspicious that this knowledge exists and is being suppressed because knowledge of the rate among the non-vaccinated population would answer many questions. ‘ Dr Boyd Haley

Further reading: Jabs website

Golliwogs and victims

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Golliwog has now officially been purged from the latest Newspeak dictionary. Black people now are ungolliwog. It will now be very polite to call all those of colour doubleplusungolliwog.

Carol Thatcher came to prominence as the winning victim in the TV series ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’. A show where vague celebrities humiliate themselves in order that one may boost a flagging career. But the winning victim is built up, only to be taken down. The row over her use of the word golliwog to describe a black footballer is not about causing offence, but everything to do with increasing the fear of opening your mouth lest you say something politically incorrect. We are not to know what is offensive or not. We must let the media decide and reason for us.
Like dogs in electrified cages who get a shock no matter where they jump, we give up trying to avoid the shocks. Our behaviour becomes withdrawn, pacified and controlled. Divide and rule practiced as groups are turned against each other, on their guard, wary of the differences that can only be spoken of in an acceptable manner. Any inappropriate use will be informed upon. Taboo words increase their power by their banning. The N word reigns supreme, king of the forbidden, with a totemic power to shock and appall.

We Need a Jubilee Year to Write off Debt

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We need nothing short of a Jubilee year where debts are written off to solve this depression. Now is the time to wipe away the mountain of derivative debt that is about to avalanche and bury us.

Conventional methods for de-leveraging the bottomless pit of banker-created debt aren’t working. The Brown government isn’t making any promises of success either. Everyone else is up the same creek is the best they can say. The £37bn hoovering up of debt was declared a failure after a mere two months. The next in line £200bn cash bung will help push public debt up to an estimated 10% of national GDP by 2010. By this time the credit rating of the UK will be downgraded meaning that the government will have to up interest rates if it is to entice anyone to buy the bonds needed to finance the spending spree. Aside from the inflationary effect of all the money being created to stimulate the bankers, high interest rates will start set off an inflationary spiral.

Instead of saddling the tax payer with debt by spending billions on strategies with uncertain results, why not wipe the slate clean of derivative created debt? Who would it hurt aside from those banks are about to collapse anyway? After all, isn’t it generally seen as enlightened when we wipe out the debts of struggling Third World nations to give their people a chance of survival?

If money keeps disappearing down the every hungry mouths of bankers with little or no long term effect, the inevitable payback will come when the government has to start cutting social security, pensions, education and NHS budgets. Maybe ultimately the tens of billions for Trident will be lopped off the defence-offence budget. Perhaps.

Maybe, it’s inevitable that the government will end up going to the IMF with a begging bowl. IMF and World Bank aid comes at a price. Further infrastructure sell offs, more budget cutting and loss of national independence over economic affairs. Oh, and throw in a few riots as the disappearing middle classes say enough is enough. Look at Iceland, Argentina, Indonesia…

The same rich investors who are being supported by tax payer money are now short selling on bank stocks as that’s the only certain way of making money at the moment. Who would want to buy shares in a failing bank? The only mug is the tax payer.

Fiddling the public

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Different ways of doing democracy. Or the ways those in power control decisions:

Ignore the choice: The people of Ireland voted against the European Treaty but they can’t be allowed to say no, so corrupt Eurocrats decide they have to vote again on exactly the same Treaty.

Limit the choice: The de Menezes tube shooting jury weren’t allowed to return an unlawful killing verdict. They return an ‘open verdict’ and nothing changes. Police would act in exactly the same way again.

Punish the choice: The people of Manchester voted ‘no’ to the proposed congestion charging zone. The government will punish the people of Manchester by holding back on transport regeneration money.

Deny the choice: Still, Londoners didn’t even get a vote before the Congestion Zone was imposed in 2003.